They like curry


I am always at a loss for what to cook Sunday night’s dinner.  Total loss.  I usually end up making bacon.

This Sunday was no different than any other Sunday, except I had found out that a lot of people feed their kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (don’t even ask how I came to this conclusion).  Simple!  So I made some bread (I have a bread maker that mixes the dough up, so it really isn’t much effort on my part) and my husband made the sandwiches.  And the kids ate them all up!  Plus the child who finds something wrong with most things she eats (“This chicken has salt on it.”  “I think you used pepper.”  “The food is too hot to eat.”), asked for more.  It was amazing!

I decided in an effort to get out of a lunch rut I will be serving pb&j sandwiches once a week (at least).  The only problem is, my son would rather eat curry than eat a child friendly staple in most homes in America.  Maybe I can just sprinkle a little curry powder on the peanut butter for him.


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