Toddler tantrums


Eden doesn’t throw fits anymore, she gets emotional.  About everything.  Spend a day at my house and you will get a glimpse of the tears that flood the house over absolutely nothing.

The other morning I gave the kids cereal and raisins for breakfast.  We ran out of milk and eggs and we were going to run to Sam’s Club as soon as it opened.  But we still needed to eat something.  I dished out their bowls full of cereal and raisins.  Ella and Cooper were very excited to eat something that normally isn’t offered in the morning (call me a mean mom but we don’t eat cereal on a regular basis – it is a) expensive when you have 3+ people eating it and b) it is loaded with sugar that my kids definitely don’t need, they are hyper enough on their own).

Eden sat down at the table looked in her bowl and cried.  She wanted milk on her cereal.  I told her we were out.  She cried that she couldn’t eat dry cereal.  I told her she didn’t have to eat it then.  She cried because she still wanted to eat it.  I told her okay.  Then she cried because she needed a spoon.  I got her one.  Then she cried because of something else.

Then I just stared at her.  Baffled.


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