Best baby status


Eden was my first baby ever.  She was the first newborn I ever took care of.  Besides playing house when I was little and trying to calm a “crying” baby doll, I had no real experience with fresh out of the womb babies.

And she was awful.  Seriously.  She sucked.  She cried.  A lot.  All the time.  She projectile vomitted spit up.  A lot.  All the time.  She didn’t sleep well.  At all.  Anytime.  But somehow God put a veil over my eyes and I thought she was great.  I thought she was a normal baby with some nasty reflux (which was actually the cause of all of the above) but she wasn’t bad.

Then God gave us Cooper.  And he seemed like a saint.  My eyes were uncovered and I realized Eden was an awful baby.  Therefore this better baby was perfect.  He didn’t cry a lot.  He didn’t barf spit up as much.  He slept well (for a baby).

The God gave us Ella.  Oh my word!  She was wonderful!  Aside from having to cut out dairy (I am pretty sure that I could have helped Eden’s tummy troubles and reflux if I had actually known what I learned later), she was awesome.  She never cried.  She never got fussy.  She didn’t puke spit up as much.  She was easy going and went with the flow.  She was the perfect baby.

That was until Garrison.  He is seriously the most relaxed little fella you will ever meet.  Aside from crying when he gets tired or sees food or a real dog (I’ve never had a baby try and crawl up my head when he sees a pup), he is happy as a clam.  He is a great sleeper.  We just lay him down and he doesn’t cry and just drifts off to dreamland.  He doesn’t mind being bothered or poked.  He smiles and happily blows bubbles.  He rarely ever demands your attention.  He is an all-around great baby.  Seriously.  The best.

The best being held by the worst.

The best being held by the worst.


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