I read an article about a month ago about a mom who took her girls toys away.  It was cray-cray and I couldn’t believe she did it and it seemed to work.

Fast forward to about three weeks ago when I was just over having all the toys we own out on the floor and having my kids be bored.  They were surrounded by toys.  Surrounded!  And yet, they couldn’t come up with anything to do but whine.  So, after they went to bed that night I went all radical on them and put up all of their toys.  They didn’t even notice the next day when all I had left them was a bunch of blankets, dress up clothes, and cars from Cooper’s room to play with.

For an entire week that was all they got to play with (there were empty shelves on their toy shelf/organzier and their play kitchen that was left but no play food or pots and pans for them).  And I truly believe they had the most fun and were the least bored I had seen them in awhile.

We live in a relatively small house for a family of six.  And it gets crowded with toys and just stuff so fast.  It makes me feel overwhelmed, so I guessed that it maybe it makes them feel the same way.  I also figured what was one week without toys.  They could whine and I would eventually give in or they could use their imaginations and fill the time.  They chose the later all on their own.

Now the toys are all put back, and while their toy space doesn’t look like I am a mean mom anymore, we are back to whining about not knowing what to do and fighting over toys.


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