Just a normal morning


Today started off like any other morning.  You know, drinking coffee relaxing on the couch changing diapers, striping beds of their sheets (Cooper peed in his bed), trying to get my children to eat a quick breakfast (I gave them cheerios because we were in a hurry to get out the door and in a half-hour they still had yet to finish eating).

Then I called dibs on taking four of us to the chiropractor, while my husband drew the short stick and got to take Eden to the urgent care to have a rubber hair band dislodged from her nose.  Yep.  Typical morning.  Never a dull moment. Ever.

(In case you are concerned with Eden.  She is fine.  She told us this morning that when she was supposed to be sleeping last night she was talking with Ella (what sisters don’t chat it up at night?) and put it up her nose.  I think in her attempt to remove it from her nose she pushed it waaaaaay up there.  The doctor thought there was a good chance of needing an ENT to remove it.  Thankfully they were able to get it out.  She was traumatized for life and will never put anything in her nose again.  And she got an unexpected Starbucks date with her daddy.  All is well….for now.)


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  1. That one made my eyes water – eeesh! Karlee, I love your blog – I actually have it bookmarked in Safari so that I can check it. It makes me remember that other moms are thinking and feeling the same things I am 🙂

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