This week was brought to you by the word FREE!

This week be cray-cray, if I do say so myself.  And I do.  We took our first ever family vacation by ourselves (not going to see family)…for free.  Then Garrett and I jumped on a plane and went to wine country…for free.

How did we pull this off?  By wit and charm.  Not my wit or charm but that of my lovely husband.  He is a professional schmoozer and is a rockstar at it!  Our first trip was given to us by some Garrett knows through work.  He offered up his timeshare (a condo that was not only nicer that our own home but BIGGER – three huge bedrooms, two giant bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen, washer/dryer, and a living space to boot) in the Dells to our family.  We had an awesome place to stay but had these wrist bands that let us into any of the water parks.  And we water parked it out of town!

The trip to California was also due to my husband’s ability to sell these.  He won a trip for selling a bunch of them.  We got free goodie bags, free hotels, free lunches, free dinners, free wine tasting and tour, free food, and free money (they literally gave us money on a gift card to use however we wanted!!!!).  It was awesome!

It was a fast week, packed full of amazing!  But I am back now and ready for life:-)


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