I done went and got a job


Sort of.  I didn’t seek out employment.  It kind of found me.  I work part time for our church, Veritas, doing some Children’s Ministry for Cedar Rapids.  It is fun and already challenging (and I love having a challenge)!

We just had our last service in a bar downtown.  It was bittersweet to leave.  Bitter because it was the first place we all gathered in Cedar Rapids to worship.  Sweet because we no longer have to go into disgusting bathrooms or smell the stench of a bar.

As I was wiping off beer and liquor from counter of the very top bar area (we have called this room nursery for 5 months) and as Dale was flipping the breaker very couple of minutes as it kept being tripped so we could have some sort of air going on in there, I realized a few things.  God doesn’t call us to worship in a church building; God is faithful to make something dirty like a bar into something where His praises are sung weekly; waiting for God to provide a bigger (cleaner) space was worth every minute of standing on sticky floors and wondering if the bathrooms had been cleaned.

God’s faithfulness to provide spaces for worship, homes for Connection Groups, people to join in singing His praises, and the finances to do it all really makes me step back in awe of the amazing Father I have.  He cares.  He provides.


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