The third child


When you first have a baby, everyone tells you by this age they need to be doing this, by this age they need to give up this, by this age they need to be eating this, etc…  And I think most parents, for the most part, try and follow said advice (taking into account their own personal parenting style thrown in).

By the third child, you are all “This stinks.  Like really stinks.  Who cares anyway?”

Ella is our third baby.  She sleeps through the night, except when she needs water.  She talks up a storm.  She is trying to potty train herself.  She is a freaking genius in book!  But she also sucks a pacificier like a chain-smoker smokes cigarettes.  Rarely is it NOT in her mouth.  She liked it that way.  And I didn’t mind it that way.

You see, I have a list of things that I would like my children to accomplish but life tends to happen and I have thrown “timing” everything out the window.  Right now there are four things on my list: get Ella into a big girl bed, potty train Cooper, take Cooper’s paci away for good, and take Ella’s paci away for all awake times.  They all seem easily attainable but they all come with fights and battles and I am just not willing to fight four battles all at once.

Since Cooper is potty trained most days (right now we are fighting Poop War II at our house and I was victorious over the first battle!), I decided to undertake another task – Ella and her paci addiction.  She has such a sweet little smile and cute little voice and talks all the time but that darned paci (although I have to admit I think pacis are cute and my heart melts at cuteness) masks all that up.

So here is to Paci War I and hopes that we all come up out the other side with smiles and sunshine!


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