REAL mom Wednesday


Sorry for missing REAL mom Wednesday last week.  It isn’t for lack of REAL moments.  In fact, it is probably because there have soooo many REAL moments.

Like when Cooper was pooping on the potty willing, without accidents for two whole weeks and then decided that pooping in the potty was for fools and crapped his pants a bunch.  Of course this was all after I thanked our pastor for his advice on how to poop-train a stubborn boy (and I vaguely remember him mentioning that his son regressed for a short time as well).  Or it could have been the time Ella decided she was going to pee on the potty and did (she might be completely trained before Cooper at this rate).  Or it could be the moment when Garrett hugged me and told me I smelled good and my first response was, “I showered.”  Or it could be that Eden has been telling everyone she is going to be getting a new sister and I have to explain that I am NOT pregnant.  Or it could be that Garrison is fighting going to sleep at night and naps because he is just too dang alert when he is waaaaaay too tired and my back is hurting from bouncing and patting his butt.  Or it could be that my children had a cough and were given water in the middle of the night once and now I hear over the monitor most nights, “Water.  I need water.”  Who knew kids could sound like they were in a desert in the middle of the night in air conditioned rooms?

Either way, REAL moments have happened and I have been too pooped or pooped on the write about them.


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  1. Jake was incredibly stubborn about pooping in the potty. I swear we tried everything- small potty, seat for the big toilet, candy treats when you go, extra movies time when you try, sticker chart or earn bigger stuff… ugh. And he regressed when Avery was born. It finally clicked this spring (he was almost 4). GOOD LUCK!!!

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