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This is a real life “WWYD” moment but without John Quinones.

I have very outgoing, people loving children.  And that is an understatement.  Have you met them yet?  If you’re not sure then you haven’t because they would tell you who they are and ask you to play with them in 2.5 seconds.

So, anyway…. We are planning on homeschooling for a myriad of reasons (and to all my teacher friends it has nothing to do with teachers or the school systems in Cedar Rapids) for the first part of their schooling lives.  But here is the question, what would you do if your daughter talks about going to school all. the. time.  Not just here and there and pretends to play school but actually talks about going to school non-stop.  She gets “school” time at home right now and loves it but she actually wants to go and have a teacher and wear a backpack and be around her “friends” (yep, she already wants school friends and she just turned four).

I am signing her up for dance this year and am hoping that that maybe calms her down on the school front.  We also play with other children as much as possible.  So she is getting plenty of interaction with children besides her siblings.  I just don’t know what to do.  We talk about how she is going to stay home and go to school but she is continually asking to actually go to school.

So here is where we are at:

A) Homeschool her like planned but maybe send her to school a couple days a week for “specials” during the day.
B) Homeschool her like planned (the coop I am thinking we will join offers one day a week at a school through them).
C) Send her to school.

Has anyone else been in the predicament?  Or have you been the homeschooled child who would have rather be in actual school?  I know I have time before any decisions need to be made but I am just starting to question what to do.

***Since I am the mom, I reserve all rights to ultimately decide what happens.


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  1. So I just saw this…my mom is homeschooling my siblings…however they were told to start homeschooling kids when in 1st grade. Their neighbors home schooled all their kids and they recommend starting in 1st.

  2. We have a similar situation with Joey (but maybe not quite as exaggerated as with Eden!). The co-op we have been a part of and will continue this year seems to satiate his desire to claim that he goes to “school.” And now that he’s just a bit older we have been able to reason with him that school is just going to look differently for him than for some others. It helps that many of his friends are in a similar situation. Feel free to call or email if you want to talk further! 🙂

  3. Just wanted to weigh in and tell you from the teacher’s perspective, the homeschool kids that come just for “specials” take a lot of flack for it. It isn’t uncommon to hear other kids say things like “Oh, look who decided to join us” or “So this subject is good enough for you.” I know that yours are young and so the odds of this happening when in lower elementary are very slim, but just wanted to let you know that it does happen 😦

  4. Co-op! It’s a great way for them to socialize and get a class experience. I also wouldn’t do the “specials” thing. As a specials teacher, it’s very awkward and I find that that student often struggles with connecting with other classmates who are around each other all day. The other option is a half day kindergarten, if they offer them in CR…but I’d say co-op will be the best for her socially and academically (then she’s around other kids who do the same style of learning)

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