To Ella, he is her G-dude.  To Cooper, he is his Garrison.  To Eden, he is her Gary or Gary Jon.

We had our routine follow up appointment bright and early this morning at UIHC for Garrison’s clubfoot.  Nothing new to report.  His trick foot (aka clubfoot that can do tricks even Houdini couldn’t preform) is doing well and we learned that it is better to be tricky than to be un-tricky.  He got some new kicks as well (thank goodness for those because he has covered his in spit up multiple times and his toes were hanging off the edge and they STANK!!!! – stink doesn’t do those puppies justice) and they smell like new leather!

We don’t need to head back that way unless he outgrows his shoes between now and December.  Then we get to spend two different days at UIHC getting his kidneys checked* and feet looked at.  Whoopie!

*God has been faithful to answer our prayers of no kidney reflux and no blockage in either kidney.  Now all we have to do is continue routine ultrasounds to make sure that everything is staying as it should!


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