I have been so off on my days since I was laid up sick for almost a week.  I thought Tuesday was Wednesday (hence the early REAL mom Wednesday post).  And today is dragging even though I have showered and bathed all four children.  Folded AND put away all the laundry.  And now it is dinner time and up on the meal plan is meatloaf but I don’t really want a loaf of meat at this moment.

And guess what?  Cooper woke up dry overnight two days in a row.  Crazy!  Of course it was the two days after the no diaper incidents.  I still don’t trust that little bugger without a diaper but maybe we are moving in the right direction to no diapers at all…maybe!

Garrison and Ella have decided to gang up on me.  Ella has been getting up extra early and Garrison has been getting up extra lots (see, that doesn’t even make sense because I am too sleepy to think of a logical sentence).

Anyway, that is our day and week and hopefully tomorrow flies by because we have a birthday for someone who will be turning three on Sunday!


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