Strep throat


Man alive has it been a summer already.  And poor Ella is hit yet again with another bacterial infection requiring antibiotics.  She takes it all in stride and snuggles with me and I am all “well twist my arm and name me Joe.”

I am seriously not that mom who takes their kids to the doctor all. the. time.  I’m not.  But I have been to the doctor on average once a week these past couple of months between well visits and sick visits and more sick visits.  All of which have required antibiotics, making me feel at least somewhat good about deciding to take the poor things in.  But think about all those copays!

So now we are facing a new first – strep throat.  Woohoo!  I am on the lookout for fevers or any other symptoms in the other kids.  Because people, I don’t mess with strep.  And I really try to keep babies from illnesses (although I have pretty much failed Garrison twice since he has had two colds in his short life).

Anywho…  Strep throat, I will conquer you!


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