Four months big


Today was Garrison’s 4 month check up.  He did great.  I pitted out.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I agreed to a 9am appointment the day after two of my children got home from visiting their cousin (this means really tired, crabby, disobedient children) and with all four children in tow.

This is how the appointment went down:

Three children running around the doctor’s office (I am not even exaggerating), me trying to fill out the “4 month review” paper thingy, Garrison just chilling in the car seat and other people judging me (come on, I would probably be judging me too).  We get called back, the kids start freaking out in the tiny room without any books so the nurse brings paper and crayons.  While I am trying to talk to the doctor Cooper colors all of his toe nails blue, Ella draws on the wall and Eden jabbered on and on about how she likes going to the doctor.

Thankfully the appointment ended and we were able to collect ourselves enough to get into the car without anyone getting hurt.

In other news, Garrison is now a whopping 16lbs 8oz and is 27 inches tall!  He is currently a rolling machine, reaches for toys, smiles all the time, laughs easily, and is so laid back that I sometimes forget that he is around.  He is our gentle giant!


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