Balloon Glow


I have lived here practically my entire life and have never went to the Balloon Glow.  This year we decided to take advantage of free events around the area, no matter how lame, and quite complaining about how boring our city is.

Anyway, we didn’t realize you had to have Freedom Festival buttons to get into this thing.  I also only had $3 and some change in my purse (they only accepted cash) and we needed two buttons.  Plus we had walked about a gazillion miles from our car with children in tow and we were like what the heck do we do.  The button guard guy had mercy on us when I started counting pennies from the bottom of my purse and gave us two buttons for the price of one.  I think he was either afraid I would literally count out 300 pennies or my children charmed him with their outgoing personalities.Nick and Laura Married-7171 Nick and Laura Married-7188 Nick and Laura Married-7203 Nick and Laura Married-7229-2 Nick and Laura Married-7238-2


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