It’s a fair trade


For some reason God has given me the gift of lactation.  And the gift of staying at home.  When you add a good breast pump in the mix you have an awesome combination.  And did you know that there a tons of women out there looking for breast milk because they would rather feed their babies that than formula?  I am not anti-formula.  All of my kids (minus the newbie) have had formula for some time of their life and I am perfectly okay with that because aren’t we all just looking to feed our babies?

***Stepping off my soapbox***

Anyway………I got free coffee in exchange for my breast milk.  It was a perfect deal.  The coffee sustains me, the breast milk sustains her daughter.  Sweet!

I didn’t ask for the free coffee but it was given to me as a thank you for the milk.  And I appreciate it.  And my Awesome Husband appreciates it.  And my kids probably appreciate it.  And let’s just own up to the fact that EVERYONE is probably thankful that I got coffee to give my exhausted mind a bit of a boost:-)

My freezer is a tad bit lighter and hopefully my dear friend’s little girl is a happy little camper drinking some human milk for as long as possible!


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