And the rain came down…a lot


Today I had two simple tasks to do: pick up my grocery order and apply for my passport.  Oh and take a shower but I conquered that this morning without a blink of the eye!

Anyway, I had two very important tasks to do and one occurred during nap time (my grocery order) and the other one I could do at my own choosing.  Should have been fairly easy even though I would probably end up with cranky kids along the way.  No prob.  I’m super mom, right?

But it rained and it poured.  And Cooper peed on the couch and pooped in his undies.  And Ella rubbed ketchup in Eden’s hair and on her white shirt.  And I had promised McDonald’s for sitting in the car for so. stinkin’. long.  And we waited 30 minutes for said McDonald’s and they forgot my straws.  And Garrison blew out his diaper.  And then I had to fill out my passport papers three times because I messed them up and this is the government we are talking about and my passport, so it had to be re-done.  And then the tornado warnings happened.  And the coffee ran dry.  And my basement.  Oh my poor basement!  I am not even going to mention what happened there except that we are glad that this is a normal occurrence for OLD houses (our house was built in 1916) and no stuff was ruined.

Thankfully my husband came home and I got my grocery order.  And I drank some coffee.  And got my mug shot taken.  And ate some carbs.  And was all better.

Needless to say, it has been a day where “when it rains, it pours.”  But the rain has stopped and the sun is out and my basement is getting back to normal and all kids are in bed. Whew!  What. a. day.


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