Hugs, kisses, and ugga-muggas


Does anyone else watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?  We do sometimes.  It’s a mix between Mr. Roger’s and a cartoon where animals and humans are friends and can talk to each other and solve problems by counting to four.

At the end of each show Daniel Tiger gives the audience a good ugga-mugga (basically he grabs your face, says “ugga-mugga” and eskimo kisses you).  Weird.  But whatevs!

Eden now has to give her daddy hugs, kisses, AND ugga-muggas before he can leave.  It prolongs the daddy-getting-out-the-door or going to bed routine.  But my Awesome Husband gladly gives her the ugga-mugga with a smile (and muffled laughter).

Anywaaaaay…every one in our house is a target for the “ugga-mugga” and I have seen her do it countless times to Garrison since he is immobile and can’t fight back yet.  He also thinks its funny, so she keeps the ugga-muggas a-rollin’ for him!

Maybe one day I will tell you all about how the first time Eden gave me an ugga-mugga I thought she was trying to kiss me the way the french do it.


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