Taken care of


Tonight I ate a wonderful meal a friend brought over.  This was an answer to prayer.  The friend, not the meal.  Well, maybe the meal too;)

We have lived in Cedar Rapids for almost four years now (we actually have lived here pretty much our entire lives but I am counting after college and married).  It was hard living here.  I felt like I lacked friends.  My best friend was over an hour away and my other close friends were dispersed across the country.

I felt lonely.  So I prayed for friends.  I cried to my husband about the lack of friendship I felt.  I asked him to pray with me that I might find friendship someday.

Years past.  The prayers became less frequent.  There were fewer tears shed.

Through a series of seemingly random events (that really weren’t random at all) we ended up at our current church and God blossomed acquaintances into friendships.  And it wasn’t until just recently that I realized my prayers from years ago had been answered.  I had waited for soooooo long for friends.  And God was faithful to give.  Did it suck to wait for these wonderful people?  Yes.  Yes it did.  But maybe God was refining me or showing me what true friendship was or showing me that first I needed Him or that friendship is more than going to a mommy group with other mommies (don’t get me wrong, I think they are great!) or that fulfilling my prayer now would mean I would miss out on something even better or that something great was just on the horizon but I needed to be patient.

Anyway, tonight my friend brought my family dinner.  Why?  Because she remembered me saying that appointment days are long days regardless of how many tests or procedures are done (anyone who has been to the UIHC knows that).  She remembered because she cared for her friend.  And that friend was me.

Tonight I want to say thank you to her for being a true friend.  For remembering passing words.  For being a servant to us.  For showing us love.  For watching my children.  For encouraging words.  For prayers answered.

This is what God intends, people.  This is what Church looks like.  This is friendship.

And I want to publicly say ‘Thanks Be To God’ for answering a prayer that seemed like at times it might never be answered this side of heaven.  My God is THE true friend who cares, who listens, who says “Wait.  There is something better than a momentary fix.”

He takes care of me. I am blessed.



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