Chicken skin


Why did the chicken cross the road?

To give Eden it’s skin.

I took Eden to the allergist yesterday because since she was practically born she has had what seemed to be a rash on her body.  Some people told me it was eczema, so like a good mom, I tried every eczema cream I could find and nothing worked.  So I gave up on lotioning her.  Then a friend said that it looked similar to their son’s rash and he has a dairy allergy.  It got me thinking.  Especially since my kids have never handled dairy all that well anyway.

It turns out that she has neither a dairy allergy or eczema but chicken skin.  I kid you not that that is what the doctor called it.  There is a fancy name for it that I can’t remember with my mom brain and I probably couldn’t remember it even if I had slept a full 8 hours for a year.  Chicken skin just means that her pores curve out instead of in and apparently dairy can aggravate it even if they are not allergic.  Who knew I birthed a child who was part princess, part chicken?

***I will probably be referring to my children by their real names because I have a hard enough time calling the right child by the right name most days.  Throw in tiredness and nick names, I just. can’t. do. it.  Plus, Eden likes to be referred to as Eden Grace and Cooper likes to go by CoopE and Ella, well, she will always be our Jo/Joey.  And not that this matters to most of you anyway.


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