Back in the day it was called something different


Maybe not back in the day but depending on whom you talk to our family has shared in a movement.  What was once called the “Ulmer Family Plan” has now turned into the “Hufford Family Plan” among friends.  Friends, the plan didn’t start with us but we are happy that you call having children close together our idea.  Our dear youth pastor and wife had many small people in their family.  Close together.  Willingly.  His beautiful wife was always pregnant or holding a small baby in her arms for what seemed like years in my head and now I get the same questions I am sure she got: “Are you pregnant again?”  “Are you finished having babies?”  “Don’t you want to not be pregnant?”  “Are you crazy?”

I answer the questions with a smile and the answer to the last one is always – a little bit, okay, probably a whole lot of crazy!

We believe children are a blessing and a gift and God has given us each of our children to love and to lead.  That does NOT mean we are going to be the next Duggar family (although I think they are pretty cool and think that they DO love all their children and ARE great parents).  We have loved having our kids close in age.  It is the only thing we have known.  So we think it is great!  The only disappoinment I have is that I have never breast fed a child for a whole year.  You win some, you lose some.  Babies trump my breast feeding desires.

Moving on…right now we have four children under the age of four.  It is crazy at our home.  And yes, sometimes I want a vacation.  And yes, sometimes I don’t get to shower.  And yes, sometimes I pit out.  And yes, sometimes I feel like all I did was change diapers, wipe snot and feed little people.  But I think my job as a mom is important.  And each child is truly a treasure to be enjoyed and love.

Would I change having them close together?  Not at all.  Do I think it is something everyone should do?  Of course not.  But for us, God gave us four short blessings close together in age and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

***We think our predecessors were awesome parents and a wonderful example of a family focused on Jesus.  Thank you for your example of what a husband and wife should be, as well as a father and mother of many small people should be!


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