Brought to you by


Today has been brought to you by: Lysol, Clorox, barf bags, coffee, and Disney movies.

I was up part of the night with a gassy little dude.  Why can’t gassiness happen during the day time?  And I feel extra bad for him because we give him gas drops, which help but being able to bicycle his legs with be a life saver (one more week!).

Then Nug got sick this morning.  Poor thing!  By mid-morning she was starting to perk up and quit her vomiting shenanigans.

We watched waaaaaaaay too many movies for our own good but as a mom, somethings have to give and sometimes choosing the easiest thing to entertain while keeping everyone alive is most important.  By the time nap was over, all three were sick of watching stuff but the sick one needed to stay in the sick chair and the other two were free to play in their designated areas.

I am hoping for a much healthier day tomorrow but prepared for the next one to bite the dust….because it is bound to happen.


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