6 weeks


Yesterday we celebrated 6 weeks of Little G’s life by doing the same old, same old and eating cookie dough after the kids went to bed (me, not him).  And today I celebrated being 6 weeks postpartum by going to the OBGYN.

I did commit a no-no in the going to the doctor.  I totally forgot to shave my legs and I honestly don’t remember when I shaved them last.  And since I can actually see my whole leg, I have no excuse.  Maybe the fact that I have four kids and shower time is often interrupted by someone needing to go potty or someone just wanting to pop their head in and say hi, could be used as an excuse.  Anyway, what does this mom do?  Wear socks that go up to my knees in hopes if an arm brushes up against my leg, no prickly hairs can be felt.  I was looking stylish in that cloth gown and knee-high argyle socks.

The appointment went well.  The numbers on the scale went down (the numbers still say I have some weight to lose but I am pretty sure my clothes weigh 10 lbs).  Everyone loved Little G (even when he set off an explosion in his pants) and I always enjoy getting to boast about my Awesome Husband being a wonderful man and father.  All in all, it has been a good two days realizing that Little G fit perfectly in our family and that he is growing up waaaay too fast.

“The days are long but the years are short.”




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