That time I was 45 weeks pregnant


Pre-pregnancy jeans – check!
Muffin top – check!
No longer wearing maternity clothes – priceless!

You are supposed to gain roughly one pound for every week you are pregnant.  So I guess that means I was 45 weeks pregnant with Little G when he was born – no wonder I gave birth to a man-child.  The sad part about pregnancy is what goes on easily does not always come off as easily.  Breast feeding has been a friend once again but it hasn’t been as friendly as it once was (if she were a real person, I would totally chew her out for her inability to keep up her end of the deal).  Oh well.  It is what it is and I am just happy to no longer be ripping through maternity jeans.

Seriously, I think maternity clothes hated me.  Or maybe I just hated the thought of having to buy a bigger size.  Either way, ripping your pants while pregnant is not cool…..not cool at all…..but surprisingly very funny:-)


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