It’s been over a month


Little G is a month old!  Where did time go?  Well, I can tell you that we have spent lots of time at UIHC and lots of time seeing family and lots of time sleeping (him, not me).

The little guy has been through a lot!  A months worth of daily doses of amoxicillin, a renal ultrasound at 2 days old, 5 casts, one 2 week check-up, one case of baby acne, one case of cradle crap cap, one rash from his baby wash, daily doses of probiotics, acid reflux, and one cold that seems to be lingering.

But his name means “strong” and strong he is.  And he is much like his daddy, which is where his name comes from (how cool is it that I get a son named after me and he gets a son named after him?).

This week he will be put through the wringer with his sixth (and final) cast – woohoo and have his achilles tendon clipped.  As well as having another renal ultrasound and a VCUG, which we are praying shows his bladder working as it should and no reflux into his kidneys.

He is our sweet little boy and while we wish he wasn’t going through all this (which is minor in comparison to what some parents and babies go through), we are thankful that we get to hold our precious little guy each day and snuggle him silly.


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