Old McDonald


Dear McDonalds,

I have a complaint.  Every time I order a Happy Meal for my kids you ask me what kind of drink I would like for them and I always ask for water.  Why?  Because my children can’t have milk due to tummy issues and juice is not an option because I don’t let my kids have juice (I guess that makes me mean), plus two out of the three won’t even touch the stuff.  So I am stuck with a normal beverage cup that I would like filled up with plain old water.  If you throw ice in there, bonus.  But I am met with a cashier who either tries to charge me for bottles of water (I am not paying for over priced waters when it is free out of the tap) or proceeds to tell me that I can’t have water put in the cups that come with the meals because their machines can’t do that (huh?).  So, what am I left with?  Soda. That is the only option.  But I don’t give my kids soda (yes, I am mean) and again, two out of the three won’t even touch the stuff anyway.  Then you tell me that I can have water cups for free on the side.  But I don’t want six cups because that is what you give me every. single. time.  Three full of the soda the cashier picks (I like to give the employees freedom to choose for me) and three full of water.  I just want the dang water!  Is that too much to ask for?  I don’t want the three soda cups that end up being dumped down the drain.  And wouldn’t Michelle Obama be proud of you and sponsor Happy Meals when you provide mom’s with the option of giving their children water?  Plus, I can’t seem to figure out why I can’t have water put in the cups that I “purchased” with their meals.  I am not asking for a discount Happy Meal.  Just that their cups be filled with the stuff that makes up the majority of their body – water.

My question is, is a kids cup full of water too hard?

A mom who just wants water in the cup she paid for


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