Tell me you do this


Wear the tags on clothes you bought until you are for sure that you are going to keep them.  Or if you have a newborn, until they spit up on them and you spray milk all over your pants.

My Awesome Husband told me they looked good despite the fact that I have a slight muffin top thing going on (I am in that in between state of postpartum wonderfulness).  But I hate tight clothes.  Like, HATE them so much I want to rip them off and stomp on them and vow to only wear sweatpants for the rest of my life.  But when you know that your body will be slimming down in the coming weeks (hopefully) you are more likely to don an article that is a bit snug.  I am wearing tighter clothes than normal because wearing a moo-moo outside the house is unaccepted when you are in your twenties.

So, today I wore my new pants with the tags on all day long.  I even went out in public.  I still wasn’t sure I loved them enough to keep them until Little G barfed on the pant leg and as I was trying to wipe that up, my boobs were spraying milk all over the front of them (nursing mom probs).  Then I was like, well, I can’t return them now.  That was an easier decision than I thought.



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