Where have the last two weeks gone?


I keep commenting to my Awesome Husband that I feel like I do nothing now, yet every minute of my day is accounted for.  Seriously!  How does that happen?

Between doctors appointments, waiting for said doctors appointments, paper work for doctors appointments, driving to and from doctors appointments, calling doctors about appointments, calling doctors about medication, calling insurance, nursing a newborn, caring for three children who believe the world revolves around all their wants and desires, changing diapers, wiping up milk, picking up toys, making breakfast and lunch, sleeping with my eyes open, etc…there just isn’t a whole lot of free time.  Things are finally starting to fall into place and we are getting a rhythm down but MAN. ALIVE.  I don’t think I can fully recall where these past two weeks have gone.

And I feel the need to apologize to anyone I have tried talking to after the 8pm hour.  I just can’t seem to form coherent thoughts or sentences.  It isn’t that I don’t want to talk to you but I can’t for the life of me get proper words to come out.  I apologize.  I am starting to catch up on some sleep and starting to get a hang of the broken up sleep I get at night, so it is all good.

And you know what?  Despite all this craziness and tiredness, I am thankful for my Awesome Husband, my four beautiful children, our wonderful doctors and nurses, our helpful family, our kind friends, and all the strangers who have opened up doors for me when my hands were full.

(Sorry that this post is random and doesn’t flow but that is kind of how my brain works right now.)


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