His birth story


Little G’s birth story isn’t that long but I feel like I should say that for 3 or 4 weeks before he was born I was having contractions (real ones) off and on.  I think my uterus was reaching it maximum stretch because if I laid wrong I would get contractions, if I stood funny I would get contractions, if I sat in my husband’s car I got contractions.  It was weird but that is why on March 7th when I woke up with contractions (not very painful at all) I wasn’t thinking labor.

The story starts at 3am when I woke up with very mild and very irregular contractions.  They lasted about an hour and stopped.  That is when my mind went to straight to “not labor” mode.  I started to fall back asleep and was abruptly woken up with a contraction that hurt (it caused me to say owie).  So, I woke my Awesome Husband up right then and told him that I thought I was in labor but wasn’t sure and that if I wasn’t then I wasn’t going to make it through the rest of this pregnancy with false labor like this.  We called my parents and waited for them to arrive.

Once in the car my husband sped to the hospital, which is literally less than five minutes away going the speed limit.  He was acting as if Little G’s head was already coming out and he was going to have to catch him in the car.

We get to the car and get into a triage room at 5:15am.  I kept joking around that I was going to act like a crazy lady in order to get an epidural.  A little before 6am, after all my paper work was done and all the questions about why I thought I was in labor and how long and me explaining my babies come fast, the nurse checks me.  I kid you not, when I tell you the look on her face when she told me I was 8cm.  Seriously?!?!?!  She told me she would try her best to get me that epi I wanted because by then my contractions were really stinkin’ strong.

That nurse was my hero!  I got to experience the glorious thing they call an epidural for 45 blissful minutes.  It was wonderful!  And although I know I am capable of delivering a baby without one, I am sure glad I got one because Little G’s head was coming out funny and the OB had to maneuver it around and even with the epidural it hurt quite a lot (and I can only imagine how bad it would hurt if I hadn’t had numbing juice going into my spine).

Once his head got past the whatever it was that it had to get past, he came out within a couple of pushes.  Total time spent pushing – 20 minutes.

There you go.  Little G’s birth story!  He was not only my largest and longest baby, he was also my longest recognized labor.  Crazy to think I was housing such a large little human inside.  And as soon as they placed his slimy little body on my chest all I could think of was “Praise Jesus!  He is here!”

Can I just say that new baby smell might just be a favorite of mine? I could soak that up forever...

Can I just say that new baby smell might just be a favorite of mine? I could soak that up forever…


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