World, meet my son (black and white addition)


Before I let you look at the pictures of our newest blessing, I have to say thank you to so many people (I feel like I am at the Grammy’s with all the “thanks” I need to give).

Okay, I will get right to it.

As many of you know or maybe you don’t (which is totally fine) this hasn’t been the easiest nine months on me or probably my Awesome Husband.  We have spent many nights praying for our little boy’s health which was in question.  We spent many nights in tears.  We spent many nights wondering all kinds of things.  And there have been many, many of you who have lifted our little family up in prayer and have shared stories and support.  And it is pretty safe to say that my Awesome Husband would agree that when we look at our son, we see all of your prayers.  And when we should be anxious and worried, we feel your prayers for a calmness that comes from Jesus.  So, thank you. Thank you friends and family who prayed right along with us.  Thank you Connection Group for laying your hands on me the week before our son was born and praying for me and for him.  Thank you to people who we don’t know well who prayed for us.  Thank you to anyone we don’t know or haven’t met who lifted our son up.  Thank you to everyone who has offered to help in anyway they can.  And thank you to everyone who has helped us out during this crazy week (thank you especially to my wonderful mom and mother-in-law).  Thank you doesn’t even begin to be enough.  It just isn’t.  But we are grateful.  Your prayers were heard and your prayers were felt.  And it means so much to me to know that people cared that much for us; for him, to lift up our names up even just once.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

So, before I become a blubbering mess, here are my favorite black and white photos my Awesome Husband took that time my son was born.

Gettin' caught.

Gettin’ caught.

In my arms.

In my arms.

Pouty face.

Pouty face.

9lbs 1.2oz and 21.25 inches long!

Garrison Allen Hufford – 9lbs 1.2oz and 21.25 inches long! (Biggest Hufford yet by almost 2lbs!)

Getting my prints taken for the gov'ment.

Getting my prints taken for the gov’ment.

You can't be held too much.

You can’t be held too much.

Cute as a button.

Cute as a button.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

So sad.

So sad.

Nighttime love with daddy.

Nighttime love with daddy.

Heading home and lookin' like a stud!

Heading home and lookin’ like a stud!





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