The big two-seven


It’s my birthday today!  Woohoo!  And I am feeling relatively good today.  Can I just tell you that I should have went to the chiropractor months ago?????  I went yesterday and was able to get out of bed multiple times during the night (thank you small child for resting your head on my bladder) and walk, instead of my usual hobbling around that looks like I am 85.  And the nerve pain in my hips has greatly diminished!  This makes me a very happy pregnant woman.  I could be pregnant forever!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  NOT!

Anywho, I’ve had donuts and bacon and a long hot shower, so I would say today has reached full potential.  And instead of wishing me a happy birthday, you should be thanking my mama for carrying me for nine months and being the one to push my plump little 8lb 10oz self out:-)


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