Freezer meals


I know a lot of women hate making dinner, especially with a newborn.  But I am weird and I actually enjoy that time of the evening, so I am not huge on making my own freezer meals.  This time around though, knowing that there will be hectic days where meal time prep won’t be as easy, I have stocked my freezer with things that will be super duper easy to just throw into the crockpot or cook relatively fast.

So, in case you are wondering (which you probably aren’t but like I always say, this is my blog and sometimes my life isn’t that exciting (okay, hardly ever), so you get posts like these) what is in my freezer:

*A few pork roasts that can be added frozen in the morning with a dab of water (fat side up) and salt and pepper, for easy pulled pork.
*Pizza Soup (all vegetables chopped, meat has been cooked and bagged, and dried noodles are added to the bag so I don’t even need to measure those)
*Chicken and Wild Rice Soup (all veggies chopped, all meat cooked and bagged, and rice is measured)
*Tons of packages of brats – so easy to cook them and add flavor to a simple starch and vegetable
*A pasta bake (pasta has been all cooked up to the point of baking and cheese has been bagged and frozen)
*A small pan of macaroni and cheese (this just needs cheese added to the top and to be warmed through)
*Store bought frozen pizzas (because we all need something that simple in our freezers)
*Tons of chopped veggies bagged up for whatever suits my fancy
*Waffle mix (dried)

So, I think we will survive the hectic days…maybe…


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