Keeping my head on my shoulders


If you have a minute or two or three or just think of me, could you pray for us?

1. My Awesome Husband will be out of town Wednesday through Friday (and maybe not home until Saturday morning).  Please pray that Little G does not come while he is gone.  And if God should have him come one of those days that I would “feel” labor sooner or take more notice that something is going on, so he doesn’t miss his son’s entrance into the world.

2. That Little G’s kidney issues would resolve by the time I push him out.  So far there hasn’t been any change (he has dilated kidneys – well, one has gone down to normal range but since it was dilated at one time, they still consider it dilated) but we do have a plan of action in place once he is born.  So, pray that he is otherwise healthy and for healing of whatever the problem is (this is where we are left in the dark because nothing is known for sure until he is on the outside).

3. For me.  That I can push this little guy’s big head out.  Not really looking forward to it but it must be done.

4. For the change that will occur from going from three little people under my care to four.  I am sure we will have some acting up happening in our house and I am sure all our time out spots will have warm bodies in them quite often.

5. For sanity once Little G is here because we will be making weekly trips down to the U of I hospital for correction of his club foot (taking all four kids with me is a bit daunting).  This will all start within the first week of his life outside my body.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about it all and other times I know God has it all under control.  My faith shifts moment to moment these days but I am convinced that the God I serve is bigger than my anxiety and fears and hormones (because, come on, we all know pregnancy hormones just mess with you in a big way that leave you wondering “Who the heck am I?”) and that He loves me and cares for me and my little family.


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