Expectantly waiting


I can’t wait for Little G to get here!  And if his labor and delivery is anything like the other three, it won’t be a long process of “I think I’m in labor” to “He’s here!”  But it will still be painful.  And I am not good with pain.  Seriously.  After like my first contraction I am begging, BEGGING for an epidural.  Maybe it’s that there is no build up in pain really, so I have can’t exactly brace myself or maybe I am just a wimp.  Either way, labor is hard and it hurts.

Then it ends and the pain amnesia sets in.  And I cuddle and drool and swoon over the precious life that has been brought forth (and for the fact that I can sleep on my back, tie my shoes, etc…).  And I forget the pain that came before the blessing.  And all is right in the world.

So my days go between “get out, get out, get out” and “stay in, stay in, stay in.”  And there are moments where I am all gun-ho on the pain coming and then there are moments of sheer terror because I KNOW the pain that comes with each contraction.  So, here I am in one of my “bring on labor” moments praying that I am in one of these moments when labor does indeed start.  I am also praying for a fast labor and delivery and a healthy baby to hold in my arms.

Labor is tough but I guess that is why they call it labor.


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