REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*Your husband has no place to put his clothes now that you (finally) packed away the pack’n’play…forcing him to actually put away clothes.

*You make waffles and offer the leftover one to your husband and he accepts.  Only to get out of the shower to find that you fed it to the kids.  What can I say, we created hungry little beasts!

*You are pretty sure that somedays your children’s motto is “Seek and Destroy!”

Between the scratched up walls that had just been painted or the bed they de-sheeted or the curtains they pulled down, all I can say is I. give. up. (If that were an option!)


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  1. ‘i give up’ is the story of my life. as we speak, it is 11:00 am, and i am in bed under the covers while the kids run rampant downstairs. it’s just one of those weeks. glad to know i’m not alone (and that my kids aren’t the only ones who have have a sixth sense regarding what specific things need to be messed up for the heck of it.)

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