Pee in the bed


Nug had her first accident this morning (she has been waking up dry for three weeks and has been in undies at nighttime for a little over a week).  Not a big deal at all.  But what I didn’t like about this morning was they lying.  You know the “why are you laying in bed naked?” and the response you get is “because a cup of water got spilled on my bed and I got all wet” and “but you didn’t have a cup of water in bed with you.” and the “well, I got wet because it rained.”

Oh my goodness.  The lying has started.  All she had to do was tell me that she peed in her bed on accident – she doesn’t get punished in anyway for accidents, so she has no reason to lie and she knows that.

Let’s just say she got a talking to about telling the truth and how she needs to tell us when she wets the bed and how it is important to not lie because the lying will get you in trouble.  It was definitely not the conversation I was expecting first thing this morning.


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