Getting out of the house


I finally got out of the house today.  So did everyone.  It had been a week since I stepped out the door to go anywhere other than the few steps to our garbage and recycling cans.

First it was the weather and then it was more weather and then it was the cold and more cold and then no where to go.  But this morning I met up with some friends to discuss a book that we were reading together.  I read it years ago and it is kind of dry and repetitive and not my favorite and all of the girls would agree but we want to try and be better wives to our fellas and that is the purpose of this book.  Anyway, the conversation was good and needed, the interaction with other people was good and needed, and the little coffee shop we met at was a nice way to start off the day!

When I got home my Awesome Husband asked how it felt to get out of the house and I told him it was really nice – the kids and I were wearing on each other.  He said he was surprised that I came back!  Then we realized that it had been a week since our faces (the kids and mine) had felt the cold of winter and decided then and there we were going to Chic-fil-A.  And oh my word, did the kids need to get out of the house!  They were antsy during the whole meal and I think they maybe consumed 5 chicken nuggets between the three of them and a couple of fries each.  Then we let them play.  And by the time we left, you could see the sheer tiredness from just doing something different creep over their faces.  And they were happy (well, not Duder – he was rather angry that we left) and I was happy.

We needed to get out.  These are the dog days of winter…I think.


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