Oh croup how you mystify me


Last night was rough.  Like so rough that I think it has been since Nug was a newborn that I had a night that rough (can’t blame Nug that she had a dairy problem that caused horrible reflux that I was oblivious to).

Sweet Baby Jo has a case of the croup.  Poor thing!  But the thing I love about croup is that they aren’t really sick during the day and function normally.  Then there is the thing I loathe, the barking and strider that comes at night (along with the crying and snot and crabbiness).  I did take her to the doctor since her croup seemed to be worse than I remember Duder’s getting awhile back and after googling coughing at 3am, I started doubting that it was croup and was probably a tumor possibly whooping cough which has been going around pretty bad.  But the doctor confirmed what I originally thought and sent us on our way with a one time dose of steroids to hopefully make tonight a little easier on all of us (I think she had pity on me since I am hugely pregnant and have a total of three human beings to keep alive on a daily basis).

And today I would like to give a shout out to my Awesome Husband who stayed home for part of the day so I could take Jo in and make sure she wasn’t dying and so I could keep my normal OB appointment (all is well with me and Little G).  So thankful that he has the ability to work from home when needed and keep little butts wiped!


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