His shoe was found


Duder lost his shoe on Thursday (he had it Sunday and trash day was Wednesday and no shoe could be found in the entire house that morning, plus a one year old who is now obsessed with the garbage can – deduction: shoe was now at Mt. Trashmore).  The same day that I was taking all three kids with me to Nug’s dentist appointment.  I got really stressed out because I can’t carry a 2 year old just because he has no shoes when the one year old needs to be carried (big shout out to my Awesome Husband who came to my rescue and watched little people so I could take Nug).  That day was going downhill fast.

I am sure some of you are wondering why he only has one pair of shoes.  The answer to that is Duder’s feet grow wicked fast, there aren’t a lot of varieties of shoes for little boys (nice tennis shoes are really all they need), and shoes are expensive (thanks to his grandma he was sporting a nice $50 pair of Superga’s).

Anyway, for the past several days we had to take him everywhere in his snow boots that are about too small (I will admit he looked a little bit odd wearing snow boots in the middle of spring-like weather).  And I tried to buy him new shoes twice but each time I unsuccessfully guessed the size of his feet – those little things he has attached to his body are HUGE and WIDE!

But thankfully, after a bad morning at home with my little people yesterday, the shoe was found when Sweet Baby Jo knocked the kitchen over.  Voila!  Shoe was found in the one place I didn’t look.  And I was relieved that I no longer had to make a third trip to the store to try and pick up some shoes.


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