Brushy, brushy


Nug had her very first dental check-up.  I know I am behind on that department by 6 months but whatevs!  My excuse is that I am pregnant, have three kids under the age of four, and no reliable childcare during the day time hours, so things like having a three year old’s teeth looked at just don’t seem all that important at times.

Before I digress further into explanation of why life with three children (soon to be four) is a bit crazy at times, I will tell you that her teeth looked great!  Her hygienist was super sweet and Nug LOVED everything about the dentist!  She could’ve skipped the initial “here is what the tools look like and feel like” bit and just went straight to the cleaning.  Her daddy would have been proud 🙂  And she loved getting all the “presents” from the dentist as well.

So, if you live in the Cedar Rapids area, I have to suggest that you go to Signal Ridge Dental and see one of their awesome dentists.  Dr. Horton (the dad), has been my dentist since my first appointment and now his son (Dr. Ben) is taking care of my little peoples little toofers.  They don’t specialize in pediatrics – meaning they don’t have cartoons on the walls or fancy chairs for little bodies but their hygienists are great at their jobs and all my children have loved picking out a toy from the toy bin.  Plus, the dentists are super friendly and great dads themselves, so they make it fun!


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