Sheet day


Every other Wednesday is clean sheet day in our house.  It is marked in our calendar and I set alarms on my iPod to remind the day has come.  It feels like it is not enough and too often at the same time.

When I first married my Awesome Husband, I changed our sheets every Saturday.  I love fresh sheets and since we only had one bed, it was easy enough.  Then add our first child.  That wasn’t that bad either because it was just a crib sheet.  But add on each child and sheet day turns into an event.  There is a delicate balance because what sheets get washed at what time of day and how much my washer can hold and how long it takes to dry said sheets.  By the end of the day I have stripped and re-sheeted three beds, one crib, one pack’n’play, and washed about 5 extra blankets that Jo sleeps with.

Would I love to wash sheets more often?  No.  Would I love to sleep on fresh sheets more often?  Yes.  Maybe some day I will go back to the Saturday sheet day routine.  But that won’t be until my kids can change their own sheets.


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