What a weekend


We had friends over Friday for dinner and had a blast but sadly I stayed up too late the night before and that night and someone decided to get up extra early on Saturday.  Then Nug went shoe shopping and I missed out on nap time, so I headed to bed early.  Of course, the fire alarm in the basement, of all places, decided to start chirping at 1am and I had to ask my Awesome Husband to go down and dismantle it (who knew you needed to replace the batteries every couple of years on them even though they are wired throughout the house?).  So I laid awake for what seemed like ever and then it was time to get up.  Duder, Jo and I went to church and Duder decided half away to the church doors that it was too cold to walk anymore and decided to just stop and cry.  I begged him to keep walking because my pregnant self can only carry one child (Sweet Baby Jo) in my arms going up an incline and we weren’t going to get anywhere without him moving forward.  Out of nowhere one of the pastors came by and grabbed Duder up (THANK YOU!!!!!) and carried him in.  I had nursery duty which went really well and all the kids for the most part were happy campers.  My Awesome Husband led worship so he met up with us after church and we went and grabbed lunch.  Then we came home and sat around exhausted and fed the kids random bits of leftovers for dinner.  I tried to take a cute picture of my Awesome Husband chillin’ on the couch watching football with Duder and Jo but turns out I am more photographically challenged than previously perceived.  Err-go no photo because I didn’t realize that there wasn’t a memory card in the thing and therefore no pictures actually being taken.  Poop!  Oh well.  Life goes on.

That is pretty much a normal weekend around these parts.  Ex.cite.ing.


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