Nug woke up dry today!  After weeks of telling her that if she woke up dry she would get money to put in our giving jar, she did it!

Yes you did read that right.  We gave her money to put in a jar that is meant to give away.  And she was excited about it.  And it makes my heart smile knowing that she is already starting to love giving (not that I am entirely sure she understands what keeping the money for herself would actually mean).


We started the giving jar this Christmas.  It was a simple idea that we would create a place to put money to give away where we saw fit or where God led us to give as a “present” to Jesus (since it is His birthday that we are celebrating, shouldn’t we be giving gifts to Him?).  The kids loved it!  I loved the idea but there were some sucky circumstances that came up right before the holidays that made me not want to do it at all.  But I made myself create the little jar and stick it out where the kids could see it.  I let them put spare change I had in it and some extra cash money that I had in my wallet.

And then I became disappointed that there wasn’t much in the jar and that I was grumpy over it.

But then something happened.  As I gave Nug and Duder mere pennies to place in the jar, we prayed.  We prayed that God would use our pennies for something big.  We thanked God that we had pennies to spare to give away.  We prayed that our offering would be a blessing.  And then I cried because I wasn’t being joyful in my giving this Christmas and I knew my kids weren’t being shown what Jesus taught.  And Jesus reminded me that no gift is too small or too insignificant and he is known for using the small things in life to do BIG things.

All I wanted my children to know was that just because we don’t have thousands of dollars to give, it doesn’t mean our offering – our gift – is any less important or needed.  And we truly have been given more than we deserve, so even if it seems like the gift is pointless because it is so small, Jesus doesn’t think so.

I made the jar for my kids but really, I think God had me make it for myself.



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