He’s gonna be big


They call it “thriving” or as I put it, me getting fat huge and him growing large.  My doctor tells me that I will go back to the normal me after he comes and that I won’t have to start dressing at the Dress Barn anytime soon (his words, not mine).

So, my uterus is measuring 3 weeks big and every ultrasound I have had shows him 2 weeks ahead.  My next ultrasound and appointment are coming up in a couple of weeks and I am scared to see just how big this boy is.  And to be honest, I am scared of the weight I have yet to gain (I have already gained a LOT).  I am no spring chicken and I have heard that once you hit 25 everything starts going down hill.  And by the time Little G is supposed to come, I will be 27 and I just don’t know how the 27 year old me will handle shedding the pounds (breast feeding has always, ALWAYS been my breast friend and been extremely friendly to my post-baby body).

Anyway, let’s just pray that Little G thriving in my belly does not equal him not wanting to leave my belly until a couple weeks after my due date and me not gaining 20 more pounds.


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