REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You find your daughter “cleaning” with your cashmere scarf and you don’t know whether to be proud that she is cleaning the floors and windows or mad that it is a really nice scarf, so you tell her good job and keep folding laundry.

*You come home from the grocery store to find your husband and daughter locked in the porch.

We use our front porch as a toy room, so there are two doors that lock (one from the house to the porch and one from the porch to the outside).  Apparently, Sweet Baby Jo was crying and my Awesome Husband decided to try and play with her to make her feel better.  Well, Duder and Nug decided to shut daddy in the porch and then lock the door and THEN stand at the door talking to him.  Little did my Awesome Husband know that Nug knows how to unlock the door but you have to tell her step by step what to do.

Kids – 1
Awesome Husband – 0.5 for effort


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