Big bed


My dad is making Nug and Duder twin beds that have storage space underneath them for Christmas.  I am super excited!  Duder can finally get out of the toddler bed he has been in for a year now and Nug can get a bed that fits her new shared room better.

It has been bittersweet.  I sold Duder’s crib/toddler bed and the changing table that matched.  I think the only child I ever changed on it was Nug and that was just for a few months before I realized the ground or my bed afforded a lot more space.  So now, we only have one crib.  One.  Uno.  And that makes me sad because my babes are growing up.  And by the time Little G will be ready for the crib (I am expecting another closet/room sharing child), Sweet Baby Jo will be in a big girl bed.  What?!?!

Back to the story…I sold his stuff and now he looks like a little mouse on his twin mattress instead of a giant on his toddler one.  My boy is growing up and I am sentimental over the fact that I now have two little people in human-sized beds.  But they are growing into lovely, spunky, and crazy shorties that I adore!


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