Post office


I went to the post office today with three little people, two big boxes and two other small packages to mail, a double stroller, and a prayer.  It took me thirty minutes to get everything and everyone situated in the car (I needed the double stroller, not the umbrella.  I needed to address the packages and make multiple trips to the car.  I needed to pack sanity snacks, since by the time we actually left the house it was minutes before lunch time.)  Then it took me thirty minutes to wait in line since today is apparently the busiest shipping day of the year (can we say everyone is rushing to get packages out before Christmas).  Then it took me 10 minutes to load everyone and everything back into the car.

The only thing that saved the day was a kind lady who rolled down her window to tell me how well behaved my children were.  They really were quite good.  I prayed they would be good.  I hoped they would be good.  I told them to be good.  Then I gave them raisins.  And they were good.

This is something that I vowed, as I buckled my seat belt and drove away, that I would never, ever do again (as I wrote this Taylor Swift’s song came into my head: We-E are never, ever, ever getting back together).  But then I realized I probably would.


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