She’s a girl that is for sure


This morning Nug woke up crying and complaining that she didn’t feel well.  She just wanted to drink water and whine about her ailments.  I figured that she could just stay in her jammies all day since that is what you do when you are sick, so I went and got Duder and Sweet Baby Jo clean clothes.  I come down and she asks where her clothes are and then the following conversation happens:

N: Mama, I think a princess dress will make me feel better.
Me: You’re sick.  So I think you can just wear your jammies all day.
N: Daddy says that I can wear a princess and that I will feel all better.

I compromised and let her wear sweat pants and a shirt with princesses on it.  She seemed to get miraculously better after that.  If I would have known that wearing princess clothes would make my sickies feel better, we would all be wearing pink!


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