The weekend


This weekend my Awesome Husband and Nug rang the Salvation Army bell.  Nug lasted an hour – which is longer than I expected.  Go her!  Anyway, it was a simple and easy way to serve the community and all those two had to do was look cute, ring a bell, and give up their time.  A stranger even bought Nug a book!  It is crazy that people are so kind to complete strangers (even if that stranger is the cutest three year old telling them to give up their dollars…oh yes she did tell people that).

I have a heart for the poor, the homeless, the lost.  And I don’t know what it is (can we say Holy Spirit?!?!), but I have had a nudging to actually do something about it.  Instead of being content to just give a dollar here and there to organizations that help the community, I want to actually do something too.  My Awesome Husband has backed me up on this and we are working toward having a family who loves to give and help and serve because that is what Jesus did and what we should be doing.

So, anyway, if you have a desire to help or do something.  Just look up your local Salvation Army (I seriously didn’t know where to start) and go from there.  You can give money, help at the food banks, serve at the soup kitchens, ring bells, whatever suits your fancy.

untitled (13 of 29)In other news, this weekend was also filled with a cold/virus.  Duder woke up Thursday night with a very, very mild croup cough.  Then Friday night was up for an hour with a pretty nasty croup cough (we steamed that seal bark out of him).  Saturday, Sweet Baby Jo came down with the crud and a fever and Sunday my Awesome Husband slowly succumbed to the virus in the wee hours of the morning.  Nug has been dealing with a stuffy nose and I am just trying to make it through the day with caffeine by my side.  It hasn’t been bad but I am sure ready for kids that sleep through the night without barking coughing their lungs out.



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