REAL mom Wednesday


You know you are a REAL mom when…

*You get sentimental over the day your baby was born.

My sweet, sweet Ella Kathryn, your name means “bright light” and you are such a ray of sunshine to our family!  You are a such a happy little thing and so lovable and beautiful.  We are so grateful to have you in our family and to watch you grow into a lovely young baby lady.  We thank the Lord every day for bringing you to us.  And we pray that you would grow to love Jesus and have a heart for the poor, the needy, the sick, the broken.  We pray that you would be a bright light in a dark world and shine Christ’s magnificent love for all to see.

Today we celebrate you, Ella.  And the life God so kindly gave us to raise and guide.  We love you so very much.



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